Following the example of the Security BSides (community-driven conference), we will be holding a BSides on the topic of autonomous driving for the first time in 2020. This conference is for autonomous driving enthusiasts, self-driving car engineers and those who want to create a seamless connected user experience of mobility, information and services in cities which fosters smart cities & measurable/scalable solutions saving our climate. We want to connect schools, creatives, engineers, startups, companies, politics for exchange & projects.

In contrast to the "normal" BSides, the focus here will not be on IT security, but on the topic of connected autonomous driving in general: state of the art, prospects, problems, independent developments beyond the automobile companies, e.g.

  • Autonomous Driving
  • Computer Vision
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Simulation Environments
  • Lane Detection
  • Path Planning
  • Trusted Connectivity
  • Connected Mobility
  • Smart Cities & Measurable/Scalable Solutions saving our climate
  • Path towards a human machine economy

In addition, a workshop for building an autonomous driving RC-car (so-called Donkey Cars is planned.

The conference is aimed not only at specialists, but also at interested parties from outside the field. For details of the program see homepage.
Contribution to costs expected to be approx. 20 Euro (incl. catering)
Registration via the website
Organizer: BSides Stuttgart, Meetup Connected Autonomous Driving, in cooperation with the Hospitalhof.

Dates & deadlines
31 March 2020, 23:59:59 UTC: Deadline for submissions
10 April 2020: Notification of acceptance
18 May 2020: BSides Connected Autonomous Driving
19 & 20 May 2020: BSides Stuttgart (see parallel CFP track at

Submission guidelines
We're accepting talks & workshops in English and German.
Please send us a description of your suggested talk that is as complete as possible. The description is the main criterium for acceptance or rejection, so please ensure that it is as clear and complete as possible. Quality comes before quantity. Due to the non-commercial nature of the event, presentations which aim to market or promote commercial products or entities will be rejected without consideration.
Since most participants find (or don’t find) a lecture by its title, it’s important to keep it precise, accessible and comprehensible. Our teams will keep a keen eye on title and subtitle and make suggestions to change them if necessary, so please avoid insider jokes and stereotypes.
Please write something about yourself, your research, and your motivation. It does not matter if the talk has been held at another conference somewhere on this planet, as long as it is up to date and relevant.
Talks should be 30-45 minutes long plus 10 minutes for questions and answers. Longer slots are possible, but should be an exception.

About Connected Autonomous Driving
We’re part of a growing worldwide community - a „Homebrew computer club for autonomous mobility“ - that was started by Chris Anderson, Will Roscoe and Adam Conway:
We work together with friends of the autonomous driving maker & startup scene and industry in Oakland, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Shenzen, Stuttgart and Silicon Valley.